Month: April 2018

The Faux King Will Soon Fail, But Will He Fall?

I let go of the speeding-hot-rope-in-my-hands that represents writing about the Trump Presidency day-by-day after Charlottesville, Virginia. If we were going to let the gilded jackass get away with supporting the white supremacists after a young girl was smashed to death by one of their ilk, then fuck it. I guess I figured there wasn’t anything I could write on this blog that was going to change people’s minds in this God-forsaken country called America.

There’s been many-a-day I’ve been wanting to grab the rope again. However, I have had incentive during the interim not to write because I’ve spent the year teaching in a new place in an entirely different manner with which I am familiar…and it has been time-consuming and rigorous. Also, it’s just not a good idea to stir up the kind of controversy about which I’m used to writing during the first year of a new job.

I really had to hold back when the gilded jackass called Haiti and Africa shit-hole countries. I mean, how many racist comments does this guy have to make before it becomes necessary to explain to the racist Trump voters that the jig is up?! I guess nobody told Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson how obviously racist their ideas are, and also how obviously their rhetoric betrays the values of the viewers of both of their shows…and how utterly wrong both of these assholes are to drape themselves with the American flag night-after-nauseating-night.

My preference is to grab the rope again in June when my teaching year is over, but I think after the events of this weekend that we’re all going to have to grab onto that speeding rope to slow Trump’s insanely-powerful pull of America towards the depths of global malaise and humanitarian crisis.

So please dear American reader of the Maniacal Professor’s blog, can we agree that it’s time to admit that Trump is a complete and utter failure and move to the next step, whatever it may be?

Please, pretty, pretty please, America, can we grab this speeding rope before Trump drags this country to the brink all by his gilded jackass self?

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.