Donald Trump Is a White Supremacist

He is indeed a white supremacist, as well as a war-mongerer-when-it-suits-him, a misogynistic-pussy-grabbing-gun-endorser-when-it-suits-him, and a serial-liar-when-it-suits-him-which-means-all-the-fucking-time.

This claim has plenty of evidence to support its legitimacy, but nobody’s listening to conventional logic anymore. Kurt Andersen is right: the conditions in America are ripe for Trump to befuddle credulous Americans willing to believe fantasy over fact, whether Republican or Democrat. Consider that we were all thinking about nuclear winter like it was the 1960s after “fire and fury” was uttered mere days ago. No way we could escalate from there, right? Charlottesville, Virginia, around McGuffey Park, gave us blood-and-soil-and-tiki-torches, Alt-Right-American-Nazis-and-Modern-Day-Confederates, and a-poor-dead-American-woman-Heather-Heyer-who-just-wanted-her-voice-to-be-heard—DEAD—all-because-Trump-stoked-a-young-asshole-from-Ohio-to-want-to-become-an-American-Nazi-Making-America-Great-Again-and-rammed-his-fucking-car-into-her-and-a-bunch-of-other-Americans-for-all-of-us-to-fucking-see!

If I were writing fiction, and I wanted to create a scenario where Trump was impeached, then I could not have created anything more fanciful than this week’s reality.

And Congress will still not impeach Trump until Mueller gives them evidence…this is most egregious, when concrete proof of Donald Trump’s failures are so copiously about us, by the God-damned, fucking, infuriating day…and I cannot stop swearing like a sailor because of Congress’ inaction.

The biggest Alan Moore-style joke in America: Trump’s still President.

The fact that Trump said “many sides” in his weak condemnation —once to echo about the country like an ill dirge, and a second time just to continue the havoc—was damning. He can’t seem to condemn David Duke, perhaps because David Duke apparently speaks for the President, just like Vladmir Putin does.

I heard on the Sunday shows how Trump had to have his remarks made clear yet again, because we can’t have a week without surrogates explaining what Trump MEANT when what he actually SAID was insufficient…because apparently ALL Americans are gullible Fox-News-watching idiots that need to be browbeat in order to comprehend the majesty of Trump’s purpose. According to the mouthpieces, of course Trump meant to condemn the white supremacists; he just forgot to mention it. I mean, “many sides” includes everybody, right?

And so I’ve heard, he’s going to have a press conference  within which he specifies his official repudiation of the American Nazis…Will that go like Trump’s apology to Obama for accusing him of being born in Kenya, when Trump qualified his apology with the good, old-fashioned deflection of “Who can blame Trump for being Trump?” I imagine he’ll say something like this:

“I, Donald Trump, do denounce the white supremacists and David Duke…but we all know that it was the Black-Lives-Matter, Pro-Choice, Fake News, Deep-State, Obama & Hillary-loving Democrats who caused the situation and THEY…HAD…IT…COMING! Face it, they had it coming! If anybody is to blame, it’s them, not the folks expressing their Second Amendment rights. That’s why I said ‘many sides.’ So see, I was right.”

I know that most Americans are still afraid to invoke race as the problem in our country right now.  There’s plenty of people on Facebook who keep telling me that Trump’s victory had nothing to do with race…that this was not a violent swing to the right because a black man happened to precede Trump…but all of you Trump-supporting apologists are just plain wrong, and you’re killing our country.  This is all about race, and this weekend was all about us knowing for sure what’s baked in the fucking pudding.

Donald Trump feigned ignorance about David Duke during the election, when he had bloviated about David Duke in a previous interview in 2000 with what appeared to be cognizance. This past weekend, he threw out “on many sides” as an overture to many of his voters this weekend, many of whom did cause violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, many of whom came spoiling to reap savagery and cull chaos. After Trump finished his weak-sauce speech, he walked away from the podium, annoyed, that Americans required him to specify “White Supremacist Terrorist,” when in the past, he required Barack Obama to specify “Islamic Radical Terrorist.”

I am so very certain that Donald Trump is a white supremacist. I’m waiting for the rest of the country to catch up to me…but I’m not holding my breath.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.

[Addendum: Trump did indeed have a second presser today to try to clean up his mess and admonish white supremacy…and I can still say with 100 percent confidence that Trump is a white supremacist. I’m still waiting to hear a denouncement of his own major racist policy platforms, like the wall, the travel ban, the preference for coal mining, etc….and how most of what he stands for is inherently racist in the first place. However, if Trump did that, then that would give away the game for most of his supporters, wouldn’t it?]

[Second Addendum: After Tuesday’s Trump tirade, I had to find a lonely corner and suck my thumb for a while, staring out into the aether…I didn’t want to be right about this. I don’t relish being right about the race problem in the American Presidency. I bemoan it.]


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  1. Trump supporters rejected logic and reason the day they elected Trump. They elected him simply because he wasn’t a politician.

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