Oh My God!

I was watching Morning Joe this morning, and the crew focused on the news story about how Rod Wheeler was suing Fox News because they used him to perpetuate a propaganda piece about how a DNC staffer who was murdered, Seth Rich, was accused by Fox News members—most prominently, Sean Hannity—to be the man who leaked e-mails to WikiLeaks instead of the Russians. All of the members on the MSNBC set had solemn looks and used words like “cruel” and “malice” to describe the acts of the Trump-approved Fox News Organization.

I don’t like using the word “evil” much as a descriptor, but I couldn’t help thinking that Fox News is evil. It’s not the first time I’ve thought this about Fox News, but yesterday’s revelations from Rod Wheeler are quite damning. I thought, what could they possibly be reporting about this morning?

I switched over to see what the chuckleheads at Fox and Friends were reporting this morning, and the following is an unofficial transcript of a segment they ran called “Cabinet Bible Study.” I’m not including much commentary because I think the words speak for themselves, as far as why my disgust and disdain for Fox News grows exponentially:

Fox News Girl with Over-sized Diamond Earrings and Perfect Teeth: They’re some of the country’s most powerful people, and now they have been gathering at the White House for God, making history as part of the President’s Cabinet Bible Study. So what’s behind the spiritual awakening at the White House? Here, to weigh in on this is Chief Political Correspondent for the Christian Broadcasting Network and host of Faith Nation, David Brody.

[The two exchange niceties.]

Fox News Girl: So, tell us what’s happening at the White House. They’re having a Bible study every week?

Fox News Boy Who Thinks He Speaks for All Good Christians, But All Must Support Trump: Every week at the HHS Building! Cabinet members, twelve of them, which is the majority of the Cabinet, is attending! These are evangelicals, Christians, uh, Mike Pompeo of the CIA, you’ve got Ben Carson, Rick Perry, Tom Price, the list goes on.  You know, Mike Pence is planning to drop by. The invitation is open for the President as well, so…but he’s getting the notes from the Bible Study! So it’s pretty fascinating! Our White House correspondent broke the story! Pretty, pretty fascinating!

G: Is this the most evangelical Presidency you’ve seen?

B: Oh, a hundred percent! I don’t think there’s any question about it.

G (interrupting with skepticism): More so than George Bush, number 43?

B: Yes, and uh, uh, uh, there are no qualms about that, but I know there might be some pushback for some evangelical leaders, uh, in that George W. Bush era, but if you talk to evangelicals privately, the dirty little secret is they’re getting more access and facetime with this President than George W. Bush, the evangelical President. There’s, there’s not even a question about it. It’s kinda like a factory in the sense that all of the folks just kinda keep coming in and out. It’s like a shuttle bus going into the White House from evangelicals, and it’s interesting because I actually e-mailed an evangelical leader the other day, and I said, “Hey, there’s a couple of evangelical leaders at the White House today! What’s going on there?”  You know, trying to get it as a source, and a guy says to me, “There’s always evangelical leaders! Every single day!” And that really is the case (Nods affirmatively).

G (solemnly): Compare this White House when it comes to Bible study and the Evangelical Movement to the last administration.

B: Well, I mean, look, there were Bible studies up on Capitol Hill, and there’s still Bible studies, Democrats, Republicans together, and you know, I know that President Obama took his faith very seriously, and I know he took pushback in evangelical circles, so there was some of that, but this is much different because this is a President, President Trump, who encourages the evangelicals and the Bible studies and the Cabinet meetings. It’s interesting because if you talk to evangelical leaders when they’re around this President, they say this President has a lot of peace, that he wants to be around evangelicals, that he’s at ease with them. (Starts to nod up and down) It’s, it’s a very, uh, interesting dynamic (Nods more vigorously).

G (smiling brightly): Well, I know that many of us need faith. It makes us better people, and that’s exactly what I’ve got and my friends have gotten from Bible study, so I think this is a great thing. Thank you so much, David, for being with us. (Slight pause for transition) The Dow opening at near-record territory this morning as President Trump touts a golden message…


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