Thank You, John McCain

Not for saving Obamacare, but thank you, John McCain, for ending Hell Week with a grand moment of American hope, honor, and pride. To stand in front of that deliberative body last night and vote against the tide and vote for your party’s legitimacy, to see Mitch McConnell look downward and realize that this was the moment when Obamacare could not be killed and must be saved, and to hear the audible gasp of shock and awe when McCain uttered no, to experience this high moment in American history this morning was so sorely needed…

I listened to McCain’s speech at the beginning of the week, and I doubted his authenticity, especially since he voted yes for the Senate version of Repeal and Replace shortly afterward. After all, at the beginning of this insane mess of a year, he had said that using the nuclear option to change the voting procedures was crazy or insane, but lo and behold, he voted for the nuclear option because McConnell said to do it if Repub’s wanted to get Gorsuch. Very much like Trump on Healthcare, McConnell and McCain were looking for any victory when it came to replacing Scalia. I didn’t hold John McCain at his word when he said that he would not vote for this bill, especially as he enunciated every syllable of the declaration…

I was wrong. John McCain is a man of his word, and I contritely apologize to McCain for doubting his veracity. When McCain ran for the Presidency, he had a moment when he withdrew a microphone from a woman who disparaged Barack Obama for being a Muslim, and he assured the country that we will not stoop to such lows to win a Presidency. John McCain shows us what it means to be a good American.

This morning, I turned on the news and saw the first really positive thing I have seen about my country in a long, freaking time. John McCain made me proud to be an American this morning when I saw his grand vote of NO against the “skinny” repeal that Paul Ryan would have surreptitiously passed through the House, and I couldn’t help but squeeze out a few tears. Forgive me for showing emotion as I unexpectedly watched John McCain restore my faith in this shattered country. I’m sure McCain will say something hawkish that will make me curse him out again, but at the conclusion of a tumultuous week, I’d like to trumpet my support for John McCain.

No matter how Trump “likes his war heroes,” rest assured that you are an American legend, sir, in my book. Thank you, John McCain.

[Addendum: While my essay praises John McCain, I have maintained great respect for Susan Collins throughout this process, and I have gained respect for Lisa Murkowski over the last month, especially considering Trump’s threats to hold Alaska hostage because of her votes. All three are Republicans who should be lauded after last night’s vote.]

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.


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