Hell Week

Our country treads water furiously as Trump clings heavily about Lady Liberty’s neck, trying to keep his head above water as America drowns beneath his considerable weight. A better analogy probably involves a torture rack with bound arms and legs slowly being stretched out of their sockets, with Trump gleefully smiling beneath a Sith-lord hood as he turns the over-sized wheel slowly and daily.

This is not a surprise. It’s what happens when white, working-class men and their women put a miserable old man with money and all-around awful person at the helm of our great country. The rural Christian community, backed and supported by Fox News, has successfully distorted American Goodness to such awful lows…

Let’s recap the week: 1) We started with the laughable excuses coming out of Jared Kushner’s public report, many of which wouldn’t be acceptable from one of my students turning in a late paper with some half-baked excuses like, “I didn’t read the whole thing, and who reads the entire thing anyway?”  or “Gosh, I hit that pesky SEND button before I finished what I was doing. Sorry, teach. I won’t get any points deducted because of that, right?” 2) Trump aggressively Twitter-attacks Jeff Sessions, by suggesting he pay more attention to Hillary Clinton’s server (which was apparently the only thing not hacked during the election of 2016), because “Lock Her Up!” never gets old. This whole Russia thing seems to really be getting underneath the Orange Menace’s skin. Reminds me of Poe’s Tell-Tale Heart. 3) Trump decides it’s time to ramp up his efforts to warp the minds of American children by glorifying himself instead of the country in front of the Boy Scouts. 4) He continues his self-defeating assault specifically on members of his own damn party. His game? He pressures Senators about the nebulous repeal of the Not-Quite-as-Dead-as-Trump-and-the-Majority-of-Republicans-Think Obamacare Law, and provides no coherent antidote of his own. All he’s got is blowing hot air, and the Republicans are slow to realize it. Contrition for Democrats and admission of Obamacare’s benefits are needed to fix the healthcare system, and neither appear to be on the horizon… 5) Trump reaffirms his allegiance to the American Christians who think he’s the Messiah by banning transgender people from their Godly-appointed American Armies.

This is only Thursday morning. I’m sure as I write this, there is another crisis about which many of us will wring our hands, and some of us will applaud.

This may not be a surprise to me, but it still is so very painful to see Trump degrade my country with so much vigor and support. The most painful thing is the applause and laughter when he proclaims himself to be so damn great, and his fans capitulate every single, infuriating time! It’s more painful when it’s our children, who will likely think it’s okay to be so vainglorious and overbearing. Our children may now validate the consistent belittling of good rationale, grammar, and spelling, and the young students may give up entirely on reading complicated texts or thinking beyond the surface layer of most arguments. Our children are learning that the way to money and power is to be a popular bully, who gets more outrageous the more he is enabled by the other wannabe bullies who cheer him on…It’s no surprise, but there’s a lot of pain in my bleedin’ American heart.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.


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