Stubborn Fox News

There’s this popular idea that there is a “Dumbing-Down” happening in America. I know because I was rebuked for doubting its validity yesterday in a couple of internet exchanges concerning the notion of what we think is educational versus what we insist is entertainment.

I don’t think America is becoming stupid, but we have become stubbornly certain of our own genius.

The weird thing is that becoming employed by Fox News Channel automatically certifies one to be smarter than the rest of us…It must be a part of the contracts over there, whether greater intelligence is bestowed by reading the clever conservative legalese or signing the pact agreed upon with the more religious segments of America.

Apparently, while we should fear every brown-skinned person who travels up from our Southern border to the point where we must wall it off, while we should cower at the idea of letting Muslims bring their culture into our borders and infecting good-ol’-boy minds, while we should oppress and demonize those who are queer or funny-looking and have the nerve to use the wrong bathroom, and while we shouldn’t listen to any arguments coming from our own journalists, teachers, and scientists lest we’re all killed by their silly ideas about the world and science and God…

…what we really need to do as a country is not give in to all this silly Russia hysteria! Vladimir Putin is a swell guy and a strong leader, as our President has promoted from day one, and according to Fox News, we are required to stubbornly accept what Trump is doing for the country, liberals be damned.

Fear the brown-skinned Mexican and Muslim interlopers, but don’t worry about what’s happening behind closed doors between the Trump family and Putin emissaries.

Fear the South-Side of Chicago, where black kids shoot to kill and Trump rallies are thwarted, but don’t worry about all those Russians Putin has blatantly killed with radioactive poison, mob-style beatings, and shootings within the very shadow of the Kremlin.

Fear the rest of the world, especially our traditional allies, but don’t worry about America turning into an oppressive, authoritarian regime like Russia, our future bestie.

Fox News is more stubborn than any political entity, and they convince their viewers to be as stubborn as their mouthpieces, who are paid well to be more stubborn than the rest of us. A couple of weeks ago, Bill Maher was whining about needing a month-long break from Trump, while in the same show, admitted that he admires Republicans for being so united and diligent. While MSNBC broadcasts its prison franchise shows on the weekends, Hannity, Watters, and the rest are putting in overtime, zealously pushing the Trump takeover, to the zealots who just can’t turn off that Fox News dial.

This Fox News bullshit continues to work like a charm. Just like the torture issue back at the end of the W. Bush administration, the American people are polled, and lo and behold, nobody in America seems to give a shit about Russian interference in our election…so let’s all just collectively drop the subject.

America isn’t becoming stupid. It’s been there for a while, for as long as Fox News has been dominating American living rooms.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.


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