So Now What Do We Do?

Alright, so we’ve some proof that Donald Trump likely colluded with the Russians to sabotage Hillary Clinton in the election. So now what happens?

We wait, just like we’ve been doing since the Trump stuff started. We wait and see what happens. Trump’s always accommodated America by providing 7-days-a-week, 4-seasons-a-year of outrage and stupidity to consume. We will wait and see what happens tomorrow, whether one of us is rooting for Trump because he’s sticking it to the Obama lovers, or one of us has not fully accepted that Trump likely will be in charge for four full years because the Republicans stubbornly excuse every Trump folly and foible.

We are all now sucked within the gravity of the dark, black hole of daily Trump-existence. We can’t even remember what it was like without Trump, and love him or hate him, we probably will find a void in our hearts and heads when he’s gone, IF he’s ever gone…(I mean when he’s out of office, for those who overreact to every insinuation by an anti-Trumpist).

We have to wait. The markets are strong, stronger than they’ve ever been. The market’s possibly over-inflated by dirty Russian money, but we won’t be able to see that until it’s too late, like the proverbial train at the end of Anna Karenina. As long as the money-making continues, Trump will have license to work with the Russians to oppress American citizens, because we eat up the Trump show at our own peril and expense.

We’ll wait to the very last moment, when Trump sneers at the camera, Col. Nathan R. Jessup-style: “You’re God-damn right I colluded with the Russians!” We’ll even wait after he does that because the Trump apologists have already started easing the acceptance of our new Russian overlords to the general American public. It’s been happening for a while now in American churches, local schools, and Fox News broadcasts; if you don’t believe me, then check Vlad Putin’s approval ratings at the time of Trump’s victory.

We will continue to wait, but it is not necessarily to only see if Trump is removed from office, or if the Democrats will win in 2018, or if Congress will continue to be divided so strongly against each other’s interests…

We wait to see if America can weather the long, tumultuous storm…

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.


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