The Breaking Point

Today’s the day, June 11th, 2017, after Donald Trump, Jr., was found-out to be seeking help from his Russian buddies to help his Daddy sell-out the country. Junior attended a meeting to collaborate with the Russians because his father had sealed up the Republican nomination, and everybody in Trumpland was on-board the “Beat Hillary at Any Cost” bandwagon. It’s easy to see that Trump and his cohorts wanted to work with the Russians to win the American Presidency, and that is willful collaboration by any reasonable standard.

Today’s the day when we ought to be discussing the removal of the President AND everyone in his administration. I say to hell with impeachment and the 25th amendment, attempting to lance a boil when the tumor has grown to such grotesque proportions. We ought to have a special election in 2018 to replace the current traitorous regime, the Orange Menace AND all of his lackeys. We need to change America’s direction in unprecedented fashion, and it needs to take place at a quicker pace…

I snapped at my wife this morning, after I started raving about Sebastian Gorka’s asinine argumentation in an MSNBC interview with Stephanie Ruhle (Fuck you, Gorka! Needs to be said after how condescending Gorka was to Ruhle.). My wife told me to calm down since I was animated, and I told her to hell with that: She needs to be a bit more outraged.

It wasn’t a big tete-a-tete, but I realize I was taking out some frustrations on her. It’s not like she’s the only one in which I’m disappointed because there are so many people from my workplace, neighborhood, and online community that have told me I need to calm down.

Why should I calm down, when the American government, run by the Republican Party, is selling out to Russia, flirting openly with authoritarianism, shitting all over the American healthcare system and the rest of our important institutions, effectively destroying the very air we breathe by exiting the Paris Climate Accord, and basically telling Americans day-after-day that they need to be more gullible in order to understand the complexities of how Donald Trump’s stupid, stupid brain works?

…And what is the Trump surrogates’ defense? They’ll just use the current word-of-the-day, “nothing-burger,” to obfuscate and deflect; blame Obama and Hilary for everything bad; and wait for the next opportunity to drop a bomb on “bad guys” to prove what a swell guy Trump really is. Nothing to see here! I hope Fox News is charged as a co-conspirator of Trump’s at the treason trial.

We need to be more outraged. This is not the time to be calm.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.


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