My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Four, Part Five

To be clear, the maniacal in my title does not mean I think we, as Americans, need to be actual maniacs to get our point across to the public. The word’s a brand, a rhetorical device, a contrary descriptor for the word professor. I take on a maniacal tone, but I don’t want anyone who reads my blog thinking I would like to see violence on Donald Trump, or any of his supporters, or any member of the Republican Party. The whole point of my philosophy is to find a reduction to this escalating violence.

This shooter today in Alexandria, Virginia, was an anti-Trumpist, and I want to condemn him (the shooter) with every fiber of my being. Anytime a person stops using their words and commits violence in the name of any ideology, it needs to be condemned.

Republicans were purposefully targeted. I know I’ve written some harsh things about the party in recent years, but I’d like to let Republicans know I still love you because you are American. It’s frustrating, but family is family…and we need an end to this dysfunction.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.

The Maniacal Professor


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