My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Four, Part Two

Within this hurricane of human events on planet Earth, I offer an elongated prayer for peace: Let’s not start wars because of terrorist attacks. Let’s learn from our previous mistakes. Let’s work towards loving each other instead of killing each other, not the current trend of sacrificing American youths, pushing the police/military political line, and buying military contracts with Saudi Arabia to perpetuate wars within the Middle East that we do not understand at all.

I suspect Donald Trump is waiting for an excuse to start a war, and I fear that the terrorist attack in Manchester, England, may inspire Trump to seize the opportunistic moment…

My American Country, let us shed ourselves of this Orange Menace, whose name we hesitate to accept as the paternalistic American voice: Trump indeed represents greed, conflict, and social divide. There is some hesitation to accept Trump as President, and it is, in fact, patriotic and welcome. We are a loving people, and what Trump represents is simply profit at the expense of others. It’s no mystery why the American people have found religion in the age of Trump because he has merely invoked the fundamentalist leanings of those who think the Apocalypse is best for the future of our American youth, sadly.

Trump wants to promote war. That’s why he was meekly dancing with an Arabian sword, colluding with the Russians before he left, and huddling with Netanyahu at a bare Israeli airport…

Some Americans are too eager to promote sending our troops into foreign wars. We don’t need to start anymore wars, without or within our country. Trump, Sessions, McMaster, Priebus, Bannon, and the rest…please, please, please stop your campaign of aggression, your promotion of driving dissidents out, out, out…out of civilization…Lest you decide to drive the dissidents out, out, out of the various states of America that have dissidents, which would be decidedly UNPATRIOTIC….A welcoming American civilization will end wars, and if we put more money into the military industry, it will just sustain America’s centuries-long stupidity of starting wars to make money.

Lord, we need to preserve our country. America should be done with war-mongering Donald Trump. He should get home and take his medicine. Donald Trump, come home and face the music, for the sake of this country, for the sake of democracy, and for the sake of making things right for the future. Please, Donald, please. Let us thrive, not languish. Please, Donald, please.

So be it.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.

The Maniacal Professor


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