A Simple Proposal To Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump To Solve the Military Compensatory Bonus “Problem”

Okay, we have a ridiculous problem about which BOTH political parties agree: Military soldiers were paid bonuses to extend their tours of duty, and our government is trying to renege because of policy error and qualification language. We should all agree that this is mind-bogglingly stupid! If you’re a soldier who served in Iraq or Afghanistan, and you agreed to go back and do extra service because of 10 to 20 thousand dollar bonuses (which is not a lot of money…they went back to serve our people’s interests in war zones, people!), then we are obligated to pay them their due, not repossess it.

So, here’s the simple proposal: the government is looking to collect about $20 million from veterans who earned their paychecks, so how about Hillary and Trump take $10 million each from their campaign budgets and submit it to the government, instead of purchasing any more ad-time for ridiculous, inflammatory commercials in these last two weeks of the election. They both have that much cash in hand, and frankly, America is sick of these stupid commercials by now. They didn’t work for Mitt Romney in 2012, and they certainly didn’t work for Jeb Bush in this election cycle. Perhaps, the two candidates might work together to solve an American problem.

Maybe it can be a high point between the candidates in this toxic election cycle.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.


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