My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Two, Part Four

Wow. Let’s step off this wild 24-hour roller coaster ride. Let’s call it post-debate epiphany…or a poison-letting recovery…or a political punch-to-the-nuts…I don’t know anymore…this political cycle has become so very sobering, after watching Trump confirm his idiocy, while Clinton does her best to lobby to a country that seems to have already given up on her, no matter what she says in these debates.

Clinton tries her best to present a legitimate case to the country, while Trump gets away with tossing these entertaining word salads at us. Mind you, we need to keep trying to make sense of the word salad, and it’s on us to stop trying to translate what Trump says, yet he keeps saying things that are hard to understand!

Let’s just accept Trump’s majesty based on his say-so…

Utter bullshit.

His rhetoric is in fact pure bullshit, and it seemed to work well in the first segment of the debate. He started strong with his tone and demeanor, but he still provided no substance. He merely screamed about jobs leaving the country, repeated it several times, and then said lower taxes for job creators like him would solve everything.

That was his high point.

After that, he repeated that his tax returns were not America’s business, while promoting himself as a sound American entrepreneur—(not a politician!!!…as I keep hearing ad nauseum from everybody…he’s absolutely a politician now…let’s move on, please…at least until he proves he’s actually a sound American entrepreneur).

He’s all about racial-profiling, as he wants to further his “protection” of the people with a police state, in which police officers can stop-and-frisk whomever the fuck they want. Let’s not forget about the 2 million doors that will be kicked in within hours of Trump’s inauguration.

He’s law and order…for white people.

White people better realize that once doors start getting kicked in and people start getting stopped by police regularly cuz they look funny…realize that white Americans are losing their civil rights simultaneously.

No bullshit.

Trump lost me frequently when he started telling me how his young son was so amazing with computers when asked about cyber-security, followed by taking all of Libya’s oil now…and NATO needs to pay up…and he started NATO’s new focus group on terrorism…and Sean Hannity can confirm he was against the Iraqi war…and blowing Iran’s boat of soldiers out of the water would not start an international incident…and he has better judgment cuz he says so…along with the best…temperament…EVAH!…

To her detriment, Clinton believes global warming exists and is very important, yet Trump denies he’s a global-warming denier.

Rosie O’Donnell deserves to be lambasted because Tom Selleck of the NRA called her stupid when she tried to talk about guns with him. No one can deny that Rosie’s got it coming, according to Trump.

Russia’s our friend, and Putin has the best first-use nuclear policy.

China should solve the problem of North Korea, and perhaps we should pull our positions from South Korea’s northernmost border…cuz America can start a lucrative protection racket worldwide!

Trump didn’t criticize Hillary’s looks, just her stamina…which is perhaps the most incredible thing Trump said since he obviously did not have the stamina to stand up to Hillary Clinton on the national stage for ninety minutes…

…otherwise he wouldn’t be whining about the commercials. The commercials that are largely compilations of Trump’s audio-recorded idiotic rhetoric.

Trump says that the commercials are unfair; otherwise, he might be forced to bring up Bill Clinton’s infidelity because Hillary Clinton keeps hammering him on WHAT HE HAS FUCKING SAID!!!

He’s a joke, charlatan, thin-skinned, clownish, soap-box-barking, jerkiest, yadda, yadda, yadda…

He’s not Citizen Kane, and he needs to stop play-acting that role upon America’s most prominent stage.

Donald Trump simply cannot handle this job.

My lone criticism of Hillary Clinton is she should have brought up the fact that Trump pulled out a full-page ad in a New York paper—as a journalist, mind you—asking for the death penalty for five young innocent black boys who were coerced into confession by a fraudulent New York City Police Department, when he brought up the “super-predator” comment that she still needs to apologize for.

Otherwise, she’s more qualified than her competitor.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.



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