My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Two, Part Three

Donald Trump Jr. made a senseless analogy using Skittles, suggesting that 3 candies out of an entire bowl would poison the pool. This was published and owned by the Trump/Pence campaign, despite the governor of Indiana’s protests to the contrary (..and Pence is truly a shill to Trump, if America needed no more perfect example of the concept of shill, prior to Pence’s candidacy as Trump’s right-hand man and nauseator-in-chief…).

At any rate, allow me to make my own analogy, since Trump’s progeny—and Trump himself—have licensed us smaller people, by making their own fallacious arguments integral to the American conversation…

We have a choice between two meals:

America can eat the stale meat sandwich. It’s not too old to eat, but the bread’s a little crusty, the lettuce is withered, and the meat’s probably past the expiration date. We don’t want to eat it, but dammit, we need to eat something, despite the smell and taste of every vote…sorry, I meant bite…

The other meal is a big heaping, steaming pile of shit, produced by a caveman-impulsed, entitled-simian millionaire who actually thinks he’s king of the greatest clan-slash-cult-of-the-entire-world!!!…

…a clan that is actually a country, one that I thought valued a little intellectualism in its leadership.

We can only eat one of these meals.

Please let it not be the shit sandwich.

Scott C. Guffey, M. A.



    1. I still do not understand why Republicans still deny climate change…amongst a myriad of things to complain about the party, yet climate change should be first on everyone’s agenda.

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