My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Two, Part Two

I am begrudgingly with her…but God-damn fuckin’ hell, she’s losing this thing!

Sorry, I do have an inner-hillbilly.

On second thought, no apologies for growing up within the hillbilly culture; J.D.Vance’s memoir convinced me that the culture needs to be defined more clearly to understand this year’s political situation.

This political forum last Wednesday night concerning the nature of the Commander-in-Chief was especially depressing for those of us paying attention to the American Apocalypse.

Both of our Presidential candidates are so very flawed.

Hillary Clinton cannot give a satisfactory answer about the server she decided to put into her home. She got defensive and showed how hard it will be for her to defend herself against Donald Trump in the first debate. She needs to stop elaborating on the procedure of Secretary of State and simply explain how she should not have had a personal server placed within her home. It’s as simple as that, yet she continues to give convoluted justification of why she should have made that decision…to be clear, to allow a tech nerd to establish a potential breach of national security because she wanted an easier way to work from home. She’s apologized for this mistake, yet she refuses to really acknowledge it within her rhetoric.

Maybe if she did that last night, we might spend more time within the national conversation about Aleppo in Syria…so the third-party candidate for Prez might have heard about this serious concern of global atrocity.

I’m not saying Hillary is disqualified for her e-mail nonsense. I’m saying this argument should have been taken care of long ago…YET, she still has to spend nearly fifteen minutes of a half-hour forum on the damn e-mails when it should be fairly brief after a couple of years of it. Let’s move on, Hillary. Stop getting defensive if you want America to accept your apology…

…and stop making absolutist statements. It’s what got Obama in trouble with the Red-line stance in Syria. There are approximately 5,000 troops in Iraq as of September 7th, 2016.  If ISIS is to be stopped, then you cannot make a blanket statement about soldiers  appearing in potential wars. Perhaps, necessary wars.

I am a pacifist. I will not take a life with my own hands; however, I understand the necessity of war. I do not possess the desire to enter war, as so many Americans want to do against ISIS, which Trump inflames to the point of giving allegiance to Russia, and Syria by proxy. I’m an American that understands war and wants to shout back at American society, to discourage the call to enter more conflicts where Americans die. We do not need to always be in a war.

We need to stop this silly belief…as a country. Every single time we “honor” our troops with prefaced statements and pompous ceremony INSTEAD of facing the mistakes we make because of our ginned-up fear of brown-skinned terrorists…every single time we do this, the sentiment becomes spurious and something detrimental, contributing to the continued lack of a genuine American conscience, from people that are just glad there are others more willing to face red-hot, arm-length tracers and constant, earth-shattering concussion.

This is the point of the narrative where I shout out loudly, rowdily, and so-very-intoxicatedly about how some Americans think Trump is so much better than Clinton.

Trump-a-lump-a-oh-so-atrocious disparaged America, and the Orange Charlatan insisted Vladmir Putin was a better “leader” than the eight-year-two-term-President-of-the-United-States-of-America, Barack Obama…and he did this in the presence of veterans of our most recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan!

TRUMP: Sorry troops! You’ve been working under a soft leader who is not willing to oppress his people like Vladmir Putin has so skillfully done in Russia. Once America elects me, the Greatest Businessman on the Planet, you soldiers can start taking orders from some real military leaders, since all of the generals have been turned to rubble by Obama’s incompetency…

Trump can go to fucking hell. He’s a brazen asshole, a carnival barker, and a dangerous con-man. He’s a disgrace to this country, and it’s deflating to see so many of my fellow-countrymen aligning themselves behind him under the Republican banner.

He only pays lip-service to the veterans and their families and the Republican base…

He has continued to rely on his stupid insistence of elevating numbers with EVERYTHING in his rhetoric. This time, he challenged a young female veteran, Rachel Fredericks, who asked a serious question about suicides in the present military culture:

TRUMP: It was actually twenty-two deaths a day when veterans of these recent wars commit suicide because of the atrocities they have observed…not twenty because that’s not high enough a number to convince you, the American people, that I am all about servicing the veterans and their families…

…Not twenty as the stats state. Trump always knows better. The stupid son-of-a-bitch.

Trump always thinks the way to pay attention to argumentative issues is to inflate them.

He also said he’s made sacrifices by giving jobs to people or money to veterans. He was asked a question about what he had sacrificed after Khizr Khan excoriated Trump at the DNC convention. His answer was that he had indeed sacrificed…in his mind, just as the Khan family had sacrificed, even though the people to whom Trump gave jobs probably didn’t deserve them, and oftentimes, the check’s in the mail for the charities (wink, wink…ha, ha…you’re fired).

He doesn’t understand what a military family’s sacrifice means to the citizens of America, and he cannot take back that claim about understanding sacrifice…not for this author. It’s just stinkin’ impossible. He’s a fucking asshole forever, as far as I am concerned.

Just to let my readers know what I really think.

Trump insists he’s smarter than everybody who’s in the room, but he could not specify a satisfactory answer for a simple question about his own personal research.

He depends on other people…even though he’s smarter than other people…

He’s a businessman. He gets people who can conduct business. Instead of him. The problem is the rubble-Generals that achieved rank under Obama…or before Obama…all we know is that after Obama, Trump will “fix” it…even if he obviously doesn’t understand how the military actually operates as far as hierarchy or earned service is concerned…or even the basic difference between enlisted personnel versus college-educated officers, I imagine…this forum was supposed to be Trump’s strength, and he bungled the whole affair so very transparently…

..yet America still might elect him President…

…Trump’s biggest misstep may have been when he admitted all we needed to do this past decade was to take all of Iraq’s oil.

That would have stopped all of the mayhem. If we had only gathered the spoils as victor. Even though there were no victors…

…Phil Klay asked an intelligent question, and Trump did not provide an intelligent answer.

He has no clue. How did he even get this close?

He also doubled-down on the notion that women cannot properly serve in the military, since men cannot help their cave-man impulses…

…why shouldn’t he? His own cave-man impulses have led him to the brink of the Presidency, the next leader of the Free World…

…a Free World that will become the Free-Market Anarchistic Police States of America on Day One!

Trump has already damaged this country. Let’s try to keep the blaze contained, so it doesn’t become America’s pyre.

I would like to stop thinking about Trump,  writing about Trump , loathing Trump…but I love my country too damn much…and the brother that gave his life for the Iraqi war…I love him more…

…Writing is simultaneously a sickness and a salve. I try to write with intensity every time I sit down to create an essay. I’m usually successful ten percent of the time, but hell, I’m going to keep trying. It’s usually when my manic-depression overcomes me. I make no apologies. Writing down my thoughts is often the only way to make it to tomorrow.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.


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