Getting Psyched to Return

My reader may have noticed I took a hiatus from blog-writing. I became a teacher again in the fall of ‘14, and maintaining a blog is just too much of a writing regimen to coincide with stacks of papers to grade, especially at the pace of writing I developed last summer. Also, I was spooked by this news article I read a ways back. Apologies offered to anybody who has looked forward to reading some more of my maniacal ranting.

I plan on writing some this summer. I’ve attempted to complete multiple books during the course of my life, but the writing process always deteriorates when I go back for revisions. In other words, I re-read my writing from the start and give up very easily, usually after 5 to 10 thousand words of effort.

I look back at last year, with starting a publicly-read blog, musing at length on topics of the day, along with airing out a bit of my dirty laundry. I find myself sincerely waxing nostalgic for this method of writing. Sure, I wince at some of the writing I published, but much of it still seems relatively poignant, even after a year of letting it simmer on the electronic highway.

I think my maniacal rant is best delivered in vignettes, so a-blog-writing, I will be. I am looking forward to re-establishing connections with those of you who regularly read my blog, donated to the cause, or liked one or more of my articles on WordPress or Facebook. Thanks for the support.

Anticipate more rhetoric, both commentary and creativity, during the summer of 2015.

The Maniacal Professor


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