Short, Sweet, and Somewhat Sacrilegious

Yesterday, Israeli ground forces entered the Gaza Strip. A commercial plane with just under 300 people was shot down accidentally by a military weapon in Eastern Ukraine. Iraq recently reinvigorated its violent trend with the onslaught of ISIS, a hateful group birthed by a most violent conflict in Syria.

Today, I recite a prayer of sorrow for a violent world where the human condition cannot rid itself of the disease of war. I state a prayer of compassion that there might be an end to the needless death of innocents who do not want to participate in the collective sins of warmongers. Finally, I say a prayer of hope that humankind might learn love for their neighbor and lose their hate, in order to end this perpetual cycle of violence that plagues our species.

Tomorrow, it’ll be business as usual. Americans will shun children who seek refuge from violence and death. We’ll continue to disregard violence in our own country by citing a right to own guns so that we might easily kill our neighbor before they kill us. We’ll likely listen to politicians who want to participate in as many foreign wars as possible.

If there is a God above, I’m not sure he’s willing to listen anymore to the pointless prayers of a flawed animal, a member of a nation that purports to know Him, while comprehending very little about His greatest desire for His human creation: love for one another. (Trust me, fundamentalist Christians…it’s in the Bible…and the Qur’an, for that matter).

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