Opinion about Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey is, perhaps, the most dominant athlete in sports today. I’m ready to put her in the same class of athlete as Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, or Muhammad Ali. She’s just that good.

This past Saturday, Ronda Rousey, won a fight against Alexis Davis in about sixteen seconds flat. After a few opening punches, she moved in, latched firmly around her opponent’s neck, and flipped her soundly to the mat in the smoothest of motions. Having pinned her opponent to the mat, she landed punch after punch. The ref dove in and declared victory for Rousey. Davis had that dazed look, as if looking for that freight train that had flipped her on her back and pummeled her face soundly.

It took me more time to write that than it did for Rousey to win.

Watching UFC 175 at an eating establishment, I was able to confirm the ferocity of Rousey’s victory by the crowd’s reaction. The initial “OH!” when she flipped Davis to her back was louder than any from the evening, and the murmurs of approval and disbelief afterwards did not fade for several minutes. Rousey’s win was the excitement of the evening, even though there were other great fights from the male combatants.

I admit I was a bit squeamish about watching women fight in the UFC. I suppose my sensibilities for seeing a woman get hurt have more to do with my own male-specific conditioning of chivalry, gallantry, and nobility. I suppose it is very similar to my initial reaction for allowing female soldiers to fight on the front lines of war: No sir. I don’t like it.

I realize it’s not fair to have this viewpoint, and maybe it has more to do with upsetting us males who don’t want our own idea of what a man is supposed to be altered…no tilting the apple cart, please…women aren’t supposed to throw haymakers…that’s for a man to do. I’ve gotten over my antiquated, sexist viewpoint. Appreciation for Ronda Rousey has a lot to do with it.

When Rousey is walking to the ring, notice her focused stare. It’s scary. She looks like she just gargled nails. She looks as if she might be able to break a puppy’s neck. She looks like she wants to hurt someone, not to win a match, but because she genuinely likes causing pain. I know that Ronda Rousey scares the hell out of me, more than any of the male UFC fighters.

Anybody that fights Rousey should be scared. She executes her plan perfectly in the ring, each and every time. In fact, this latest match might have been her statement to the world that she is not some one-trick pony, as she has won with a perfectly-executed arm bar in almost every one of her previous matches. She hasn’t lost. She’s not going to lose. She’s just unbeatable.

Ronda Rousey has no equal, so she deserves to be considered the most dominant athlete of her time. Since she has no competitors, I sincerely hope Dana White is not considering staging a fight where Rousey takes on a male competitor. Then again, maybe this is part of the evolution of female fighting, and thinking a woman shouldn’t fight a man in Ultimate Fighting is part of that antiquated thinking I referred to earlier. I’m not sure if a man in Rousey’s weight class COULD beat her…I am sure of one thing: Rousey would soundly thrash my butt, and I outweigh her by a good fifty pounds.

I don’t think too many UFC competitors want to fight her because she’s one of the most dominant fighters ever seen. No question.

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