Soccer is anti-American now?!?

I am quite pleased to see so much interest in the World Cup this year. I was working at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago in 1994 when a group of the World Cup was playing at Soldier Field. There and then, I learned about the international passion of soccer, and I’ve watched the World Cup since. I’m not as passionate as many world footie fans, but I’ve kept it on my sports radar every four years when it comes around.

Obviously in America, soccer wasn’t very popular in the past, but this year seems to be different as the U.S.A. has exceeded expectations. As an underdog, the U.S. beat long-time rival Ghana in the first game, a win I certainly wasn’t expecting. The second game against Portugal was electric, a game we should have won except for the miracle pass and header in the final minute of additional time. The third game against Germany was well-fought, as Germany’s stellar offense pushed the ball for the majority of the match, but the United States’ defense was fairly good against the powerhouse team.

Ultimately, the U.S. made it into the final 16 tourney, which most soccer experts wouldn’t have bet if you fronted them the cash. It’s been a fun World Cup for Americans, as we haven’t really had reason to cheer. Yep, I was very pleased to see so many Americans finally showing interest and getting behind their country’s representative soccer team…

…that is, I was pleased until I learned that conservatives have started to claim that this increased interest in soccer is really a liberal plot. Apparently, people have become so disillusioned in the American dream that many Americans are now turning to soccer because of depression and defeatism. Obama has brain-washed us, and now we love soccer…oh, and somehow, legalization of marijuana has something to do with this new soccer “fad.” Americans have flat-out lost our patriotism, so that is why so many of us are now paying attention to soccer. Ronald Reagan is rolling over in his grave.

I have tolerated many a crazy claim from the Republican wing, but this just makes no stinking sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if my reader didn’t believe me. Well, here’s Fox Business News’ take on soccer with Stuart Varney and Keith Ablow (with commentary from Stephen Colbert). Here’s more footage of Keith Ablow on the new Fox News show known as “Outnumbered” (and to the hosts’ credit, they called Ablow crazy, too). Finally, here’s the more-than-willing-to-outdo-male-misogynists, hater-extraordinaire Ann Coulter with her “flawless” logic of how soccer-love is basically the same thing as liberal-love. Please! Check them out if you don’t believe me. I had to re-watch/re-read a few times just to make sure I wasn’t suffering some weird hallucinatory day-dream.

Normally, I’d argue against the claims to try and show how wrong they are…but there’s really no need here. I don’t often use the word ridiculous because it is thrown about too frequently in political discussions…but this is just flat-out ridiculous. Instead, I’ll just go ahead and keep enjoying the World Cup, while these morons keep showing how they can take any good thing and utterly ruin it for the rest of us.

Keep trying, Republicans….Maybe someday you’ll come to your senses and realize that you’ve just lost the rest of America (including some of us who wouldn’t mind seeing you come to your senses!) As long as you allow such “intellectuals” as “doctor” Keith Ablow, Stuart Varney, and Ann Coulter to represent your ideology, you will never regain the majority in this country. You just continue to show how desperate you’ve become for a liberal-killing talking point. What you’re doing is digging yourself a deeper grave from which your party will not likely exit (even if some of you are profiting from the propaganda, the cash doesn’t spend well in the afterlife). So please, stop trying to mix your politics into our sports, and quit trying to drag everybody down with you. We’ve got some soccer games to enjoy.

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