Donald Trump: A Chicagoan’s Take

Donald Trump built a big ol’ phallic symbol in the middle of Chicago, and he wants to slap his name on it in big, shiny letters, like he does with all the constructed temples glorifying his simplistic self in major cities. Several Chicagoans, including Mayor Rahm Emmanuel, have made a stink about it, and Trump decided to write a self-glorifying letter, showing the public how much he loves himself and trying to persuade everybody that he deserves to put his name on whatever the hell he owns.

Having lived in and about Chicago my entire life, I can honestly say I could care less about the Trump sign on the Trump Tower (for about a week, that is). I figured, once I caught wind of his puffed up sign, that it was to be expected. His track record shows that he had the sign in mind probably about five seconds after he purchased the old Sun-Times property with plans for his tower. My way of thinking goes: if it’s his property and he has the means, then so be it. Build a sign. Stroke your own ego. I don’t mind tossing a middle finger at a giant sign every time I encounter it to declare my own distaste for Trump’s convoluted politics and opinions.

Very recently, I changed my mind. Let’s get rid of the sign right now, Chicago. In fact, let’s pass a law to keep Trump the hell out of our city.

His little letter to Chicagoans didn’t really rile me that much, even though I doubt any Chicagoans were sympathetic to his words. It’s the letter he recently wrote to New Yorkers that has changed my mind about Trump’s name being prominently displayed in downtown Chicago. I don’t want his name lighting up my city. Chicago doesn’t need to glorify a racist’s name by holding it up on its broad shoulders.

I’m sure that people will become offended because I call Trump a racist, but it’s tough to convince me he’s not after having the gall to write an editorial about how he’s offended at the financial expenditure to five young black men who had their lives ruined wrongfully. I might be convinced that his campaigning against Barack Obama is fueled by his devotion to conservatism, but Trump is selling a shoddy bridge if he’s trying to convince that his years-long intentions against the Central Park Five isn’t based on race. I’d be willing to forgive his role in the Central Park Five’s imprisonment—his unbelievably-flawed editorial calling for the death penalty for the offenders is re-printed with his current letter to the N.Y. Daily News—if he showed any consideration for the exoneration of those five black men, but he remains stoically stupid about it. The courts deemed that the five youths were innocent, using DNA evidence and a confession. Donald Trump bemoans the loss of money over the lost years of those boys’ lives. I have no sympathy for Trump’s opinions in this matter.

I’ve seen Kenneth Burns’ stunning documentary. I remember the national fervor against those five young black boys in 1989. Amy Davidson wrote an article for the New Yorker that sums up the obvious about Trump. It’s a free country, as Donald Trump revels in reminding us. I believe he’s a racist piece of crap, and I can write my opinion freely, as he seems to think it’s his right to declare his own flawed opinions in national newspapers so damn frequently. I also believe that having millions of dollars does not make one an intellectual, for which Donald Trump is the ideal case study.

Trump obviously is not a big believer in the word “reparations.” Like many, he probably thinks it’s a bad word. I would suggest Trump reads a true intellectual’s case about reparations before he rebukes the concept as if it is some insult, especially for the Central Park Five, for whom reparations are decidedly due, as many New Yorkers and Chicagoans might agree.

There’s little chance that the Trump sign will be taken down off the Trump Tower in Chicago. Even if Trump is a racist, he’ll still get his way (in a city which embarrassingly has a history of segregation, as detailed by Ta-Nehisi Coates). I’ll be sure to stick my middle finger up loud and proud every single time I pass by that gaudy sign.

{As karmic balance for Chicago’s fortunes, George Lucas decided to build the Star Wars Museum in our city. Here’s hoping Donald Trump has nothing to do with the property, lest the marquee read “Trump presents the Star Wars Museum” with an oversized TRUMP overshadowing the beloved Star Wars logo.

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