A Suggested Solution to Our American Tragedy

My initial reaction to the Las Vegas, Nevada, killings of two police officers, Alyn Beck and Igor Soldo, and one civilian, Joseph Robert Wilcox, by a married couple was to continue to campaign for regulation against guns. Since there have been so many public killings with guns as of late, this has become my knee-jerk reaction. I engaged in a few online debates, and one particularly rational gun-owner brought an accusation to my attention that I initially denied. After a night of contemplation, I have to admit a major flaw in my argumentation.

I have stereotyped gun-owners.

I have indeed lumped all potentially-responsible gun-owners into the same radical category, and I’ve resigned myself to sustaining an argument that is not really bearing any fruit as far as protecting the public from guns. These most recent killings in Nevada, with the killers posting their ideology prominently on the internet, have also confirmed a claim that I have maintained for many years.

Words can be as deadly as bullets. Mouths can be weapons on par with guns.

I can concede to gun-owners that they have a right to own weapons for personal protection, as long as they maintain their weapons in a safe manner. My appeal today involves asking conservative talkers and writers to consider how they use a more deadly weapon: their rhetoric. I ask for these public speakers to maintain this weapon in a more consciously safe manner. This might be the key to solving the problem of increased violence in this country, maybe even more than legislation concerning gun control.

A prominent conservative Republican voice should publically decry the anti-government movement.

This does not mean this Republican voice has to convert to Democratic principles. This conservative does not have to betray their fiscal ideology. He or she does not even have to embrace Barack Obama. This speaker only has to shift out of the high gear of anti-government sentiment and show some acknowledgement of the dangers of inflammatory rhetoric.

It could be a politician. If a Sarah Palin, Marco Rubio, or Ted Cruz denounced the use of inflammatory anti-government rhetoric, it would have a strong impact on the public. If Mitch McConnell, John McCain, or Rand Paul admitted that the party’s march far to the right might be responsible for inspiring these two killers in Nevada, it would go a long way to repairing America’s ills. If Mitt Romney or George W. Bush brought attention to this rhetorical problem in the Republican Party, there’s a chance that the political party could flourish instead of dissolve. If a prominent Republican dialed it down, just a notch, we might have fewer radicals in this country instead of the sharp increase that is currently occurring.

This potential speaker would ideally have more impact if he was found within existing conservative media. If Rush Limbaugh did an about-face and had a rational opinion about inflammatory rhetoric, there is a possibility that his massive fan base would recover from the fever of radical anti-government ideology. Alex Jones might inspire less denial and more recognition of an evident problem. Sean Hannity might have the largest impact, if he even broached the topic of the Nevada shootings, instead of concentrating on Bowe Bergdahl…as a self-proclaimed ombudsman, it’s important to cover the Nevada shooters instead of ignoring it, Mr. Hannity…you have a responsibility, as you have admitted…and having a sensible discussion about the inflammatory rhetoric of the Nevada shooters is ethical…quit the sensationalism, please. Bill O’Reilly has shown some acknowledgement in the past. He did not jump on the Cliven Bundy bandwagon and admitted the minimum wage should be increased. Maybe Bill O’ Reilly is the ideal speaker to bring attention to conservative viewers that the rhetoric needs to become less heated. I know that if just one of these popular conservative media hosts made it his mission to curb the rhetoric, from within the conservative noise machine, then it would help solve this American dilemma.

Maybe this needs to happen within the money machine of the Republican media. Roger Ailes could have a change of heart and stop the storm for which he is mostly responsible. Matt Drudge could post an essay calling for more rationality in conservative media. Karl Rove, as “the architect,” could design a campaign for sanity within conservative talking points. Wayne LaPierre could explain that Good Guys aren’t the only way to stop Bad Guys; in fact, the Bad Guys are stopping themselves with guns after killing plenty of Good Guys. Just one of the Koch brothers would be sufficient enough to have an impact on the methodology of the Republican Party. However, short of three Dickensian ghosts appearing to one of these conservative profiteers in the night, I don’t anticipate Ebenezer Scrooge experiencing enlightenment. There’s just no profit potential in contrition.

I wish this would happen, but the pessimist in me knows better. I see how Republicans reacted to Jeb Bush’s “It’s an act of love” quote. Card-carrying Republican Bob Inglis cannot campaign for climate- change recognition effectively within the party. The NRA recently attempted to curb the open carry movement in Texas, and they stepped back three steps after taking a baby step forward.

The only incentive I can give to a conservative Republican who might consider becoming this contrite speaker for the party: you can save America. You can heal the Republican Party. You can preserve conservative ideology. You can inspire the people. You might even be considered as a Presidential candidate for a party that desperately searches for a winnable candidate against presumed Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton.

You can stop this rhetoric and prevent the violent upswing occurring within your base.

Please prove me wrong and show me that there is a savior existing within today’s Republican Party.

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