The Boston Marathon

I’ve already shed some tears, remembering the Boston Marathon from last year. I suspect I will shed plenty more as I watch this year’s Patriot’s Day celebration from afar on my television. Just as I was transfixed by the horrible act of terror, I will not avert my eyes for this year’s courageous display of sport and camaraderie.

The city of Boston needs this day. America needs this day. We celebrate in the face of adversity. Our country must represent itself, and we will perform our duty well. We must persevere. We will not ignore tragedy, but instead we will honor the wounded and weary, just as we do for our American ancestors who fought and died at the battles of Lexington and Concord. We will rejoice, while attempting to assuage overwhelming anxiety. We will do this together, as Americans, holding each other for support and showing our emotions gladly to our neighbors. It will be both a day for joy and sadness. The city of Boston represents America today. We are ready, and we are strong. America is Boston Strong on this day.

As we celebrate Patriot’s Day, let us remember, rejoice, and honor the sage, stunning words of one of our most precious lost, the beautiful, stunning luminary, Martin Richard.

No more hurting people.



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