Climate Change: An Appeal

I stated in my introductory blog that authority figures want to dumb-down the citizenry of America. More evidence of this has presented itself over the last five days. Two reports have been released, and Americans are expected to selectively believe one as true, and the other, false. Both reports are lengthy and thick, so it is assumed that most will not have the time or wherewithal to complete a reading. Even though the internet makes such examination possible for the average citizen, journalists and politicians know that they can shape the story to best suit their purposes because most people seem to want someone else to read it for them.

The first report was released last Thursday by Chris Christie’s state-funded attorney firm. The report does not contain testimony from the primary members of the Port Authority or Christie’s cabinet who were involved in the Bridgegate scandal. Christie and his attorney have suggested the report completely exonerates Christie, even if it is an incomplete investigation. Within the report, we do find further evidence of Christie’s bullying tactics, subjective identification of the aforementioned participants, and appeals for confidence in Christie’s word. The report would not hold much water in a court of law, yet it is well-authored for the court of public opinion. Everyone from Rudy Giuliani to Joe Scarborough fall all over themselves to proclaim Christie’s innocence. The summarized public response to this report: “Let’s just forget about this silly little traffic snafu and move on…there are other, more important things to consider…like a Republican Presidency.”

The second report was released yesterday by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, commissioned by the United Nations as an impartial, scientific, non-partisan examination. It has been endorsed by the majority of countries of the planet Earth, and it is based on objective data and scientific scrutiny. It concludes that our climate is changing, and the world, not just America, will experience an increase in average temperatures, volatile weather patterns, rising sea levels, agricultural devastation, economic repercussions, and increased human death. Whether human intervention can reverse this trend is debatable, but certainly possible, if we take steps collectively to reverse our environmentally-disruptive outputs. The report concludes that climate change results from human industry and manipulation, emphatically.

Here in America, we are coerced to believe this report is false, that climate change is a political issue, and therefore, not happening: “It’s ridiculous. Let’s just forget about this silly, little global warming joke…there are other, more important things to consider…like how to make more money off the Earth’s resources.”

I justifiably blame Republicans. They have participated in a propaganda campaign to smear any credibility for which proponents of climate change might possess. They have contributed to the lack of intellectualism aimed at this important issue at nearly every turn, especially during Barack Obama’s tenure as President.

Republican members of Congress interfere with bills that endorse clean energy, reduce emissions, or interfere with the operation of existing fossil fuel industries. They attempt to pass legislation that would censor further scientific study into climate change. The scariest day may be yet to come: Republicans might gain control of the Senate during this year’s mid-term election, which would allow them less interference for opposing climate change, if (or when) they retain control of the House of Representatives.

Fox News cannot let a day go by without slamming climate change as a false allegation. Just last night on the Hannity show, panel members managed to insult climate change supporters while discussing the missing Malaysian MH370 plane. If I didn’t find it so repulsive, I might admit a certain artistry for how Fox News programs are able to spin their theories. Then again, it’s easiest to utilize fallacy, instead of validity, when creating argumentative claims.

I hold Fox News responsible for quite a bit of this distortion, as they retain so many loyal followers who parrot nearly every claim they are shoveled. This past winter, I experienced a version of the following conversation a number of times:

Me: Boy, this is one helluva winter! I can’t wait for this to be over.

Loyal Fox News Watcher: You said it! I guess we can stop worrying about this climate change issue.

Me: What was that?

Loyal Fox News Watcher: I said we can forget about global warming! You see how freaking cold it is out there!

Me: You do understand that the severity of this winter is likely a result of climate change. The turbulent weather patterns have increased wind velocities, most likely creating a wind-generating vortex over the area of the Arctic and Canada. Chicago is actually one of the few spots in the Northern hemisphere that isn’t experiencing an increase in average temperature, probably due to the massive fluctuation with the planet’s weather patterns.

Loyal Fox News Watcher: What the hell do you know? You’re not a scientist.

Me: Says who? Science involves observation and theorizing based on objectivity. Haven’t you noticed how we’ve had record snowfalls and temperature changes this season? Don’t you remember the record heat we experienced last summer? Are you aware that a sustained drought is taking place in this very country? Don’t you remember what happened to the New Jersey shore last year? Have you noticed that England experienced catastrophic flooding this winter, or record snowfalls in Japan, or tumultuous rain in Colorado, or freak snow accumulation in the Middle East, or record heat in Australia, or…[cut off]

Loyal Fox News Watcher: Boy, you need to read your Bible…or better yet, watch Fox News. They know how to handle sissy, tree-hugging, liberal hippies like you.

I leave these conversations frustrated. I admit I am concerned. I have children, and I hope to have grandchildren someday. I would like them, as well as every other child, to live on a planet that is not rapidly become unstable for human life. Thus, I am forced to appeal to some different factions involved about the issue of climate change:

Appeal to supporters of climate change—Bill Maher, on his HBO show Real Time (broadcast March 21st) has got it right: we have to stop “believing” in climate change. Climate change is happening, and the planet is in danger. The objective report released yesterday should not only be propagated as authentic, but it should be used as objective evidence to anyone who states the contrary. Stating that we “believe” climate change is true plays right into the hands of those who want to play a juvenile game of back-and-forth, stalling for time until it is too late to actually intervene. It is true and factual. Promote it as such, and maintain the strength of your conviction.

Appeal to Republicans—America is one of the biggest producers of environmentally harmful emissions and one of the greatest contributors to the planet’s changing climate, if not the biggest and greatest. Do your due diligence as elected representatives of an electorate that faces imminent danger. Money is not as important as human life. Becoming rich is not the American dream; life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is, as written into our Declaration of Independence. Sustaining corporate interests should not be a priority; sustaining human life should be. Stop opposing scientific evidence. Stop interfering with policies designed to slow environmental warming. Do not wait until cities like New York, Boston, and Miami are partially underwater. Do not wait until our food supply has been spoiled. Do not wait until human beings die because of the changing climate. Address climate change as legitimate and work toward rectifying the consequences. Do it now.

Appeal to Fox News—I do not anticipate a sympathetic ear at this organization, but here goes: Stop generating propaganda opposed to climate change. Your viewers are obviously receptive and sensitive to what you say. Understand that climate change is not a political issue. You do harm to our country when you rigidly ascribe to your current ideology concerning climate change. There is not an ounce of uncertainty when you oppose climate change, and you cannot be certain about this issue. I imagine that your media machine would stubbornly deny climate change even if American cities found themselves underwater. I am willing to compromise with you. I will admit that President Obama has made mistakes. I admit that our government could better address the national debt problem. I suppose the Affordable Care Act could just as easily fail as succeed at reducing the cost of healthcare. Though it would be difficult, I would be willing to genuflect before the all-knowing, almighty Sean Hannity and proclaim him as the authority on all things political and otherwise…whatever it takes to get your network to stop besmirching every legitimate climate change argument. Just stop already.

Appeal to Americans who are uncertain about climate change—Please stop remaining complacent about climate change. If we choose to remain ignorant about climate change, then we can all assume responsibility when we reach a point of no return. Our planet’s climate is changing, and human society is responsible. Educate yourself about climate change. Stop dismissing it as someone else’s problem. It is not just an American problem; it is an issue for humanity. I provide links for the UN news and IPCC report here with the hope that people might peruse them:

Please, please, please…with sugar on top…please consider saving our planet.

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