My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Five, Part Nine

It’s a particularly frustrating time to write at this American moment, on this day, November 2nd, 2018. It’s not for a lack of content about which to write; it’s trying to capture appropriately what is happening in America that is so very daunting. Yet, I also comprehend that nothing I write will likely sway anyone reading it to change their minds about their vote on this upcoming Tuesday…

I have a fairly-simple message to spread when it comes to Donald Trump: He’s going to get people hurt and killed if he’s allowed to retain power over both the House of Representatives and the Senate after November 6th.

If he keeps holding rallies for white American nationalism in the Midwest…If he keeps egging on the seemingly-many white people in America that think it’s okay to hate your neighbor, human beings will get hurt. People of all ages, gender, and ethnicity will be needlessly killed because Donald Trump thinks stirring up racist tension is the best way to stay in power.

Donald Trump is not making a secret of this. He and his propaganda network, Fox News, are advocating the shooting of women and children by American boys and girls who would likely suffer nightmares for a lifetime after they left the military, wondering what “service to my country” actually means.

Make no mistake that people have already been hurt and killed because of Donald Trump. Jamal Khashoggi was butchered by the Saudis, and Trump brushed it aside because of billions and billions of blah, blah, blah, blah, BLAH! The man was trying to get a marriage license, and he had his fingers chopped off for typing words that offended Jared Kushner’s best buddy, the Prince of Saudi Arabia. They murdered him in a foreign country, cut him into pieces with a bone-saw, and did not cover their tracks in the least bit…because the Saudis knew that their best bud, the President of the United States of America, would cover for them…

…and that’s what Trump did on national television for everyone to see: He covered for murderers, and he got his cronies to follow his game plan. After all, Khashoggi was a journalist and a Muslim, so who cares about one little American murder on foreign soil? (The curmudgeon in me wants to bring up Benghazi so badly, but bringing that up as a contrarian point of argument is actually a Fox News “gotcha” trick that only seems to work on Democrats…).

There are more people who’ve been hurt or killed by Donald Trump’s rhetoric: The eleven wonderful people who represented a wonderful community needlessly slaughtered by a zealot. The children without parents living in internment camps whose trauma will last a lifetime. The black man and black woman who were shot at a Kroger store in Kentucky for the crime of being black. The elderly Mexican man who walked down the streets of California and got hit in the head with a brick for the crime of being brown. The tired, poor, huddled masses of wretched refuse might be shot by U.S. soldiers for their crime of yearning to breathe free.

The problem with Trump: anything negative written or said about him is negated by strict denial, and Fox News (Shep Smith’s exempt) will pass the word to his many followers. Trump didn’t cause anything. The journalists are lying!

Trump promotes violence. That’s the truth.

I happen to want a country that wants to reduce violence…It’s the first item on what I assume would be a Progressive political platform. It’s lamentably difficult to reduce violence even when we have a leader who promotes peace, and Trump’s too afraid of appearing weak to even suggest a treatise and mend the American divide.

Please stop the violence in America. Vote the Democratic ticket.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.
The Maniacal Professor

My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Five, Part Eight

On the morning of the first Senate floor vote for Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment to the Supreme Court, I’d like to focus on Donald Trump’s words about Al Franken in Rochester, Minnesota, last night. It stuns me how often Trump clearly states his modus operandi aloud, and we mostly dismiss Trump’s rally statements while we openly debate the events of the past week concerning Dr. Blaise-Ford and Kavanaugh.

As is his wont, Trump started his grift by giving a one-word, simple-adjective, schoolyard-appropriate hint about Franken, labelling him “wacky.” Then, Trump worked the room like a stand-up comedian, knowing everybody there knows he’s working his way to a zinger about Al Franken, by repeating the label with that Trumpian inflection, ”He was wacky!”

Then, he gives the crowd and the country the Trumpian modus operandi that has been working for the Republican Party since Trump’s victory in 2016:

“Boy, did he fold up like, uh, a wet rag, huh?” “He was gone so fast…I don’t want to mention Al Franken’s name, OK?…so I won’t mention it…He was gone…He was gone so fast!…It was like…oh, he did something…Oh-oooooh, I resign. I quit. I quit.”

Later today, when the Senate likely will vote to move Brett Kavanaugh closer to the bench of the Supreme Court of the land, the Republican Party will approve of Trump’s methodology to win-at-all-costs by denying all flaws, faults, and mistakes of the party platform and to lie for one’s own benefit and at anyone else’s expense. Never surrender to the Democrats! They’re quitters! We’re winners! Deny everything, and always be right!

I have been having numerous flashbacks to the 2016 election, when Trump’s man-versus-woman, locker-room-talk, Clinton-rapist shenanigans tore this country apart. It’s happening again, right now in 2018. I have to tell you my anxiety is ramping up because I fear a repeat of 2016, when the polls were incorrect and votes were cast by an inflamed American population.

I’d prefer not to offer my opinion at this moment on the volatile internet. These past few weeks, I’ve seen the same thing I saw in 2016 on the internet, namely vulgar trolling…bullying, masochistic, Trumpian language by vicious writers emboldened by the internet. I have read rational arguments summarily dismissed by raving commenters who crap all over decorum, civility, and honor in public discourse. There have even been a few trolls that have popped up on my blog since my return several months ago, just like they did in 2016, when I admittedly wrote with more ignorance about that election on my blog.

Then, I was writing with the notion that what I wrote might sway people to my opinions.

Today, I am writing with the fear that what I write might sway people to side with Trump and the Republicans, just out of sheer spite because…who knows? I really can’t tell you anymore why people insist on an allegiance to Trump, unless you think that being a good boss, businessman, father, husband, and President means you gotta be a racist, misogynistic asshole. If Trump’s your guy, then fine…but understand I’m not writing this essay for you, and I believe you’re probably a racist, misogynistic asshole, too.

My opinion on Kavanaugh: The judge’s own maniacal rant, in which he embraced Trump’s persona as his own, disgusted me. I think Kavanaugh took a page out of the Fox News playbook (i.e., how to appeal to the viewers…or as Trump thinks, the only Americans who matter), and he revealed his partisan beliefs when placed under enormous pressure. A Supreme Court justice shouldn’t use his family as a shield or mock minority senators after he just revealed his alliance with the majority senators. A Supreme Court Justice should comport himself with more dignity and temperament, even if his background includes an allegation of rape. No excuses.

However, before that fateful day when Dr. Blaise-Ford testified and Kavanaugh defended himself against a credible accusation of sexual assault, I had assumed Trump’s nominee would be on the Supreme Court before the mid-terms. Neil Gorsuch is a match for Antonin Scalia, and Anthony Kennedy’s rulings were mostly conservative. Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment would not really change the balance as much as people automatically assume. In fact, Kavanaugh’s appointment merely maintains the status quo of the past decade and more. So practically, I am not as invested in this Supreme Court nomination as I am in these upcoming mid-term elections.

If Democrats wanted to prevent this, then Obama and these Senators should have fought the Republicans much more forcefully about Merrick Garland….just like Al Franken should have fought harder against members of his own party, especially Kirsten Gillibrand….just like these Democratic Senators needed to stand up to Brett Kavanaugh’s bullying with more force and indignation.

These are my opinions, of course, but I lived through the 2016 election. I have also paid attention since that election. I fear the Democrats will not figure out how to bust Trump’s grift for dividing America. I fear the Democrats will hitch their wagon to the Me-Too movement, assuming it will ride them to the Promised Land on a Big, Beautiful, Blue Wave…I fear the Democrats will not fight hard enough, and we may be scratching our head for the next six years, wondering how Trump keeps successfully pulling our country towards a Trump monarchy, with his base chanting “God Bless America” the whole way….

This weekend, I can only chant, “God Help America,” until this Kavanaugh debacle rends apart my country’s spirit. These final weeks before the mid-terms, I will pray, “God Help America,” hoping Trump doesn’t brag about his Kavanaugh victory by belittling victims of rape; demeaning women in general; or attacking individual Americans who don’t deserve it…praying Trump does not continue to destroy my country’s identity to better fit his deplorable image.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.
The Maniacal Professor

My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Five, Part Seven

Twelve years ago today, the late Saturday night/early Sunday morning of Labor Day weekend in 2006, my youngest brother’s life and service to America ended. While my brother’s long-suffering journey reached its conclusion, I was enjoying a particularly entertaining and satisfying holiday. I was in grad school, and I had just started my first full semester as a composition teacher for my college. I was nervous about teaching three full classes for the first time, as well as attending three difficult courses as a student. The college semester had started the week previous to that 2006 Labor Day weekend, and the first week had progressed successfully. I drafted a solid fantasy football squad that Saturday, and I enjoyed good camaraderie with my friends into Sunday night.

That Monday in 2006, the last day off before diving back into classroom appearances for the start of my academic career, I was at home in Gary, Indiana, and the phone rang. I answered the phone with a happy, satisfied “Hello!” One of my other brothers was on the other end of the line, and the tone of his voice halted my capacity for contentment for years to come. He told me I needed to sit down. The agony of his words was apparent, and I began to cry and wail, asking what happened, even though I already knew what he was going to say.

Our youngest brother was dead.

My brother talked some more after he confirmed my worst fears, but I didn’t hear his words. I hung up the phone and raged, destroying furniture and screaming my agony to the heavens.


When I was a young boy, I loved to read magazines (and newspapers and comic books and regular books and encyclopedias and cereal boxes…). My father had copies of Guns and Ammo available for reading, and my mother had copies of magazines published by the Focus on the Family group. I learned about John McCain and his service in Vietnam by reading articles from both of these sources.

I was enthralled by McCain’s story as a boy. This man flew planes! I wanted to fly planes so badly! His own plane was damaged and shot down, he ejected successfully, and he parachuted his way down into the hell of the Vietnam War. He was savagely beaten and tortured. He didn’t go home when at first he had the chance to escape hell. He did come home eventually, and he sought political office after most-honorable service to our country.

From a boy’s point of view, a boy who wanted to join the military and serve his country when he reached the right age, John McCain was who I wanted to be. There was no better example of a real-life American hero.

It’s important to note that my father’s magazines, at that time in American history, were loaded with anti-Russian stories, slogans, and logos. Words like “Kill a Commie for Mommie” and pictures of a knife violently plunging into a heart painted with the Russian hammer and sickle are still etched in my mind today.

My mother’s magazines also painted a bleak picture of Russia. I remember reading an article or two about how Christians were slaughtered by the Russian government for practicing their religion within the Soviet Union. I think it’s interesting to note that the gun lobby and the Christian Right were so adamantly against Russian interference back in the 1980s….


This past Thursday, in 2018, my decades-known friends and I conducted our fantasy-football draft in the evening. I’ve maintained a ceremonial routine for the past 12 years, where I visit my youngest brother on Labor Day weekend, on or about the day of the draft. This year, I arrived at the Veteran’s Garden of his cemetery in Schererville, Indiana, in the early afternoon. When I exited my vehicle, there was a discarded pink, plastic flower at my feet by the car-door. I picked it up and walked solemnly towards my brother’s grave.

The first few years I visited I would stand solemnly in place with my thoughts, crying. About six or seven years ago, I became comfortable enough to speak aloud to my brother. You see, I figured out that what I miss most about my brother was talking to him, so I use this time every year to therapeutically have a conversation with him. I still cry and sob occasionally, but speaking-aloud reduces the emotional impact of the visit, albeit minimally.

I caught him up on my life and the lives of our family members. I told him about how I finally made some peace with our mother about our differences; about how I was hanging up the boxing gloves on my frustrating teaching career; and about how his niece had finally made it to the big college in West Lafayette, instead of the smaller campus I attended in Hammond.

In my mind’s eye (or the mind’s ear?), I formulated my brother’s likely responses: “That’s good because you really hurt our Mom.” “Yeah, right, you’ve been saying you’re going to quit teaching for years. You’ll be back.” “Wow, Scott! I can see how proud you are of your daughter. I’m proud of her, too.”

Then, I started a conversation about John McCain. I told him how hard the news hit me about his death and about how I’d been pondering McCain’s life all week…about how McCain had such dignity when running against Barack Obama in 2008; about how his various appearances on Morning Joe always cracked me up; and about how one of his last patriotic acts was a dramatic thumbs-down to preserve healthcare for thousands…and also perhaps preserve the integrity of America’s Democracy in the process. I told him about how it used to be difficult for me to say nice things about McCain because he never found a war that America could not be a part of, but over the past two years, I found more respect and empathy for John McCain than disagreement or disdain.

I told him about how Donald Trump insulted McCain, saying he wasn’t a war-hero because he was captured. I told him how asinine it was that this draft-dodger and used-car salesman managed to insult someone who served in both the Vietnam War and the United States Congress, on air for the world to see, yet the Christian-Right and the American military community still voted for him!…and the kicker is that to the moment of–and after–McCain’s death, this vile President would not say a nice word about the cancer-stricken American hero…and this weak-minded, attention-starved President still expects accolades! I told my brother he wouldn’t believe it, as a member of the 101st Airborne division, if he saw it today.

I couldn’t formulate my brother’s response in my mind. I don’t know what he’d think about Trump. It stands to reason he may defend Trump today if he were still alive, as many of his military brethren and their Christian supporters do to this day. He may share my perspective about Trump, as Tim’s best and worst quality was that he listened to what I had to say. I do not know for sure, so my brother simply listened.

After a bit more of a tirade about Trump’s many sins, I told him I’d stop talking about Trump since everybody in America has become tired from being forced to talk about Trump, day-in and day-out. I told him about how I hoped this weekend would be about honoring McCain and not with whatever bullshit Trump would do to reacquire America’s focus back toward Trump. I told my brother about how I was recording the eulogy of Joe Biden for McCain.

At the thought of the Biden eulogy, I exclaimed to my brother that I could probably find it on my cellphone. I joked with Tim about how he was lucky because he never experienced the phenomena of so many Americans, including me, of having our cellphones in our faces for fifty percent or more of the day, every week of the year. In my mind, he laughed again at one of my typically-poor attempts at a joke.

At my brother’s grave-side, I couldn’t find a video of Biden’s eulogy, but I did find a Facebook post from a friend. She had just attended a funeral for a beloved member of her family this week, and she had just started graduate school, just as I had done twelve years ago. She wrote artfully—as she usually does– about her frustration with attempting to read complex academic texts while grieving a loved one. I read her post to my brother, and I started to cry. I asked my brother for permission to share my experience with a comment on the Facebook post, and he approved. I tried to recite to him what I wrote on my cellphone, but it was hard to read through the tears.

I sat for a little while longer by my brother, in silence, happy to be speaking with my lost friend. I bemoaned all the missed moments together over the past twelve years, but I take comfort in being able to create a new moment with Sgt. Timothy Guffey this past Thursday. I bent down, kissed the headstone, and placed the pink, plastic flower to the left of his marker.

I told him I loved him, and I’d be back next year. My last words to him: “I know my words make it sound like our country’s in trouble, but I think when I see you next time, America will get better. America will be better.”

“I’ll do my best to make it so, for you.”


The next morning, Friday, I watched my recording of the eulogies, in Arizona, from Grant Woods, Tommy Espinoza, Larry Fitzgerald, and Joe Biden. Saturday morning, I watched the Washington, D.C., memorial service in its entirety.

For me, Labor Day Weekend is already a time to grieve for a lost hero. This year, in 2018, the country mourns the loss of a hero during the holiday weekend, while I grieve for two.

The eulogies from our former Presidents and McCain’s friends and family were impactful, poignant, and reflective, but Meghan McCain’s words struck my soul. Her emotions were heartfelt, and the love for her father so evident, so moving…I felt John McCain’s pride for his daughter from the heavens, just as many Americans did. I pictured McCain looking down from a place I cannot fathom, beaming about his favorite daughter’s courage, speaking to the country about its lost identity at his own memoriam.

At the point of the television broadcast when the Irish song, Danny Boy, was played for the congregation, a fierce downpour of rain started outside my home. When Cindy McCain was moved during the song, the rain stopped and strong rays of sunlight poured through the clouds outside my window. I have never seen such beauty than at that moment, while that young lady sang so passionately, while this wife let herself mourn her beloved for the country to share, while the heavens opened up to let me see in my mind’s eye a glimpse of my hero, John McCain, smiling down, his hand on the shoulder of another American veteran, my brother, my hero, Timothy Allan Guffey.

This Labor Day Weekend, I grieve for two lost American heroes, but I am not forlorn for America. I am reminded of the beauty and love of America this weekend, and I have hope for its future.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.
The Maniacal Professor

My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Five, Part Six

I remember watching Fox News on the day of the Helsinki summit, when Trump refused to confront Putin about his pushing down on the scale towards Trump in the 2016 election. Afterwards, the Fox News hosts covering the summit were all obviously shaken, rattled, and angry about Trump’s press-conference with Putin. They went back and forth, criticizing Trump with passion and anger for almost ten full-minutes.

Then, John Brennan’s tweet was referenced. Brennan wrote: “Donald Trump’s press conference performance in Helsinki rises to & exceeds the threshold of ‘high crimes & misdemeanors.’ It was nothing short of treasonous. Not only were Trump’s comments imbecilic, he is wholly in the pocket of Putin. Republican Patriots: Where are you???”

The Fox News hosts, to a man, returned to their typical defense of Donald Trump, espousing how Brennan goes too far mentioning treason, how Brennan should stop criticizing since he doesn’t know any better than Trump, and how Brennan’s obvious hatred of Trump disqualifies him from having any authority to appeal to those Republicans for whom Fox News holds hostage with their broadcast each and every day.

Trump saw that same Fox News broadcast on July 16th; I imagine he fairly obsessed about this particular Fox News broadcast day because of the unusual media reaction, for him, directly after the summit. He obviously looks at what works on Fox News to appeal to the members of his base, so we can surmise Trump’s revocation of Brennan’s security clearance was in the works a month ago, mere hours after the press-conference ended…

…and you know what? This strategy of revoking security clearances will likely work for the Fox News crowd. They’ve already forgotten about Trump’s embarrassing words at that press-conference and re-focused on the usual Fox News tactics of skewering Trump’s enemies (i.e., anybody who admits the Russian thing was real; anybody who criticizes Trump; and anybody who does not meet Sean Hannity’s standard for appearing on his Fox News program.)

This summer, I’ve had the opportunity to drive through many rural communities in Indiana and Michigan, and the amount of restaurants and gas stations in these Midwestern states that have Fox News broadcasting on their TVs is abundant. At most all of these road-stops, I asked the waitress or attendant if the television channel could be changed, and I uniformly received the response that management insists the channel remain on Fox News, usually with a scowl and a quick-turn away from me.

I think that…no, I know this: Fox News is hypnotizing Americans to follow Trump’s buffoonery, like Jacques Bergerac did in the 1960 movie, The Hypnotic Eye (or, for gen-Xers & millennials, at the South Park Plan-eh-arium in Season Two, Episode Eleven).

Fox News is a large part of this American problem. Many of the network representatives and their Congressional guests are anti-progress and pro-regression. There are few who appear on the network for whom I am comfortable calling a reporter or journalist. I am not a proponent of censorship, but I am an opponent of propagandizing a failing Presidency.

I’ve made this plea many times over the past years, but it warrants repeated broadcast: Please, America, turn off the Fox News channel, and try to shake the webs from our collective brain…and do this right soon. Otherwise, Trump’s trickery will likely work, and America will become…something else, something it was not intended to be, something resembling a violent dictatorship, something out of Orwell’s stories…something un-American.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.
The Maniacal Professor

My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Five, Part Five

The week in America after the Helsinki summit has progressed predictably. After one day of uncharacteristic criticism from Fox News anchors and guests, they righted their ship quickly, focusing on the evils of liberal Democratic Americans instead of the danger of Trump’s (and his Republican allies) alliance with Putin’s agenda. I found myself laughing out loud during Jeanine Pirro’s Saturday show when she and Mike Huckabee had a good, old-fashioned Fox News bashing of Obama to off-set Trump’s obvious missteps in Helsinki. We should all know by now that Fox News viewers think Trump is swell because he’s un-doing all things Obama. While Trump-supporters do not like when people like me voice my hatred of Trump, it absolutely drives them mad with rage when I voice my love of Barack Obama.

So, no surprise that Fox News continues their loyalist propaganda of Trump, even after Trump so obviously confirmed his collusion with Putin for all to see. I suspect Sean Hannity specifically has modelled his TV program after the RTV (Russian TV) model of government-media programming, for awhile now. It should be just a matter of time before we hear Hannity suggest that the Russian way-of-life is far preferable to “what America has become because of Obama and Hillary.” He may have already said this; I wouldn’t know since I can only handle approximately five minutes of Hannity before I start suffering stroke-like symptoms.

As for the President, Trump predictably is throwing temper-tantrum after temper-tantrum, since across-the-board reactions were the opposite of the abject devotion he so desperately craves from all journalists. Trump invited Putin to the White House WHILE Dan Coats spoke sensibly about the Russian influence in our election and the validity of American intelligence research. Trump’s small trick of tweaking one word within his Helsinki Anti-American rant didn’t convince ANYBODY who is not consuming more than 12 hours of daily Fox News programming, and besides, EVERYBODY knows that when Trump tries to clean-up his words, Trump will go ahead and return to form the next day. And this week, Trump’s temper has pushed him to try to take away security clearances from those he considers his enemies, even if some of them do not actually retain a security clearance!

While this response is expected, that does not mean we should consider this the status-quo. Trump’s Presidency is damaging America’s future, and Trump is actually hurting people in the present. Children are not reunited with their parents, farmers are in danger of losing their livelihood, and people are being assaulted more-and-more publicly by those who probably think it’s okay to be racist out-loud since Trump’s in charge.

As we get closer to November, Trump will likely ramp-up his efforts to thwart America’s hard-fought progress, and the majority of Americans, i.e., those who do not support Trump, need to remain vigilant.

Consider the all-caps Tweet Trump released in which he threatens Iran with war…While I know that it’s an obvious attempt at deflection away from Russia and everything else that Trump finds threatening, I cannot help but wonder if Trump would actually start a war in an effort to retain his Presidency.

It’s obvious that Trump thinks war with a foreign country is the ultimate failsafe of a floundering American President, since he accused Obama of the very tactic in 2011.

Think about the Tucker Carlson interview with Donald Trump where they both gleefully suggested Montenegro could start World War Three on a whim. Both Trump and Carlson acted like Montenegro shouldn’t dictate America’s potential war-mongering, presumably because of the size of the country?! These two morons all but admitted they think it should be the size of the country that allows us to put soldiers’ lives at risk, and obviously there’s no more grandiose country in their minds as America…well, maybe Trump thinks Russia’s better, but the point is that I’m more worried about Donald Trump starting a bloody world war than Milo Dukanovic.

What must our soldiers think when Trump attempts to dissolve the NATO Alliance, and then obviously suggests their service is best for good polling numbers and television ratings for Trump? What if Trump started a draft for his Presidency-saving war? What if sons AND daughters became eligible for that draft in Trump-‘Merica? What if Trump decides the nukes should be used since we have them? What if Trump decides to assign America’s elite fighting-forces under the command of Putin’s generals?

I understand Trump the Television President is full of hot air, especially in his Tweets, and it may be unrealistic for most Americans to think Trump will go to the lengths I suggest here; however, know that Trump’s vitriol continues to escalate, and he’s already crossed so many lines…

Trump with his back-to-the-wall should worry us all and warrants the closest of scrutiny until November’s election. We shouldn’t just ignore Trump and hope he goes away on his own. We should have more respect for our country’s democracy than this…

Scott C. Guffey, M.A., The Maniacal Professor


My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Five, Part Four

I must apologize for my previous essay. My hair was on fire. I totally jumped to conclusions, and I crossed the rhetorical line when two days ago I painted a picture of Trump and Putin colluding together to cover-up a traitorous act of collusion, and thereby together signaling an autocratic dictatorship within my country.

Trump has assured us that what he said at the summit, that he didn’t see any reason why the hackers would be Russian, needed clarification…what Trump meant was that he didn’t see any reason why it wouldn’t be Russian hackers…at least, in that one sentence, according to Trump.

Of course, I’m being sarcastic, and I apologize for nothing I wrote in my previous essay. Unlike Trump, I stand behind every word I publicly communicated to the world Monday morning.

People seem to forget that Jared Kushner tried to create an official secret communication channel for working with Putin’s cronies at the start of the Trump administration. Kushner couldn’t get that for his Daddy-by-marriage, but that didn’t prevent Trump from having a secret communique with Putin’s cronies within the White House, without reporters, shortly after he fired the FBI guy that started the current federal investigation into Putin’s attempts to make America’s mind for us, and also what Trump and the Republicans had to do with Putin’s machinations.

At this summit two days ago, Putin and Trump met secretly face-to-face for two hours before coming out to address the world. They seemed to spend every minute of that press-conference working off of each other’s rhetorical address, like two hockey players moving a puck on the ice toward an attempt-on-goal for Russia…The problem is Trump is supposed to play for the American team.

Trump knows his worshippers do believe everything he says, without contemplation or derision; as long as Sean Hannity engineers the Trump Train, then Donald Trump knows he will have people that will worship and obey him no matter what he does or says.

Trump assumes all American voters are stupid enough to believe Trump meant to say it could have been Russia that hacked our election, instead of what he did say in almost every other sentence of that press conference: The Russian Government shouldn’t be blamed for hacking Americans, and the Federal Investigators, the Fake Journalists, and the Stupid American Trump-Haters are the real problems with the United States of America.

Trump called America “stupid” in the press conference! Why wouldn’t we believe that he thinks Americans are too stupid to see through his lies, with this whole “What I Meant To Say” defense??!?

As he does when he tries to clean-up his mistakes, Trump read from a printed-script yesterday. He wrote in a sentence with a Sharpie marker, to which he should apply his own “Change-a-Word-to-Show-What-Trump-Really-Means” tactical strategy:

There was no collusion.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A., The Maniacal Professor

My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Five, Part Three

I have one of the worst feelings I’ve ever had in the pit of my stomach. There’s a bowling ball-sized weight in there making me ill this morning. My hands are shaking, and my head is starting to ache.

I just watched the team of Donald Trump and Vladmir Putin confirm my worst fears about what is happening right now in my country. Today, Trump colludes with Putin for the world to see, and at this display of collusion, Trump, with Putin’s obvious effort, continued to deny he colluded with Putin.

We’ve finally reached the pinnacle of the Trump paradox.

It should not be long until Trump and Putin create a joint task-force, between the Trump-approved American police forces and Russian militia, and start arresting Americans for writing and speaking anti-Trump/anti-Fox News/anti-Russian rhetoric and sentiment. First, he’ll arrest Rob Rosenstein, Peter Strzok, and Bob Mueller for treason; then, he’ll start rounding-up the nay-sayers.

Please do not flippantly dismiss this forecast; please do not think I’m trying to be clever as a writer; and please do not attack me for being biased. I’m basing this projection on the evidence I see with my eyes, and I’m not attempting hyperbole. This is the direction Trump and his supporters want to take America: to become an autocratic dictatorship, like Russia, complete with a strong military national police force that oppresses the people, and complete control of the courts and the media.

If you’re still supporting Trump, then shame on you. Our American election was interfered with by Russia, and Trump denies it and allies our country with the dictator who ordered the interference for the American President Putin admitted today he wanted…AND we’re supposed to ignore the mountains of objective evidence that suggest Trump probably did ally himself with Putin before Trump barely won the election on that fateful day in November 2016…all of this should be believed merely by the word of Trump and Putin, instead of placing trust in American citizens who still attempt a thorough investigation of crimes against our country! Shame on you if you continue to willfully ignore this after watching that un-American debacle of a press conference today.

If you’re ignoring what Trump is doing, then shame on you, too. I’m so sick of the entitled American that thinks this is not as bad as I think it is; I’m so sick of the entitled American who thinks we cannot talk out-loud today about our political malaise because of manners; and I’m so sick from the lack of proper attention paid to Trump’s years-long reformation of American identity and patriotism.

My love for my country’s history and progress have been torn asunder by years of Trump’s dominance, but today I’m so sick to my stomach because he’s not being stopped…and if he’s not stopped, then we will have an autocratic-dictatorship. It will be called America, but it will not resemble the country I’ve lived within for 44 years.

American protestors will be arrested or murdered like so many of the Russians I’ve seen protest Putin’s Presidency. American soldiers will be ridiculed or arrested for refusing to do Trump’s bidding, just like Russian soldiers who refuse to be blood-thirsty killers in Putin’s name. American journalists will be arrested or murdered like so many of the Russian journalists I’ve seen write honestly about Putin’s dictatorship; American teachers will be bullied and arrested, if they do not follow the Republican version of American education, which worships Trump to an unhealthy degree; and American politicians will be arrested or murdered like so many of the Russian politicians I’ve seen attempt to practice Democracy in Putin’s Russia.

I beg of you, Americans, do not let this happen to our country. I am an American voice, too, and I demand to be heard.

If you are paying attention and you do believe my words, then please vote for the Democratic Party in 2018. A vote for the Republican Party this year will allow Congress to continue to back Trump’s campaign to be American Dictator-for-Life. Vote Democrat everywhere in November because it is necessary to save this country’s Free Democracy.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A., The Maniacal Professor

My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Five, Part Two

Trump said something this week that I believe was lost amidst the Supreme Court nomination, the NATO gathering, Trump’s visit to England, and the upcoming summit with Vlad Putin. It was said in response to a question about the children he separated from their parents:

“Well, I have a solution! Tell people not to come to our country illegally. That’s the solution! Don’t come to our country illegally. Come like other people do. Come legally.”

For almost a month now, we’ve been exposed to an objectively-defined fundamental difference between people like me and those who support Trump: When I see and hear stories of children wailing for their Pa-Pa; stories of parents who did not expect their child to be kidnapped by a government; stories of unattended toddlers whose diapers are not changed and contract lice; and stories of children who have been kept so long from their parents that these kids no longer recognize Mom or Dad;…Well, when I see and hear these stories, my heart breaks.

I understand how a lot of assholes think that makes me less of a man. Well, if that’s what you think, then you can go straight to hell. Do not pass go. Just go to hell.

Trump-supporters think it’s swell to do this horrific thing in our country’s name. Weirdly, several people in my life who still support Trump chose this particular issue to try to convince me that Trump was a good President, that we should be unusually cruel to people that look and speak differently. The only thing these people have done is expose to me how many people have been waiting for this opportunity to be racist out-loud again…you know, like back when America was so “great.”

Trump’s words this week SHOULD be the final objective evidence we need to realize that this sinister plan was thought-out and implemented from the beginning. When these immigrants arrived at the border, the Trump administration split up families, randomly shipped kids around the country, and destroyed, or convoluted, the records so it’d be harder to reunite these families. Throw in Trump’s typical tactic of blaming Democrats and Obama for all things bad in America, and you’ve satisfied all those racist Americans who feel evil glee in their hearts when they feel safer by torturing children.

Trump has done many despicable things, but this one takes the cake. Irreparable damage has already been done to these children and their parents. It can’t be fixed. Trump’s actions and statements on many things are reprehensible, but his so-called solution for these immigrant families is the worst thing he’s done….

…The truly-depressing thing is Trump has two more years to work on finding a new “worst thing he’s done,” and he’s getting better at being deplorable week-to-agonizing-week.

Those who still count yourself as a Trump supporter need to reconsider your opinion.

America must rebuild because of Trump’s nearly-two years of national-power. Today’s Republicans enable Trump’s hubris, to the detriment of our great, but floundering country.

It’s time to disavow Trump, and that time was yesterday.

Be sure to vote, if you want to make change.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.
The Maniacal Professor

My Maniacal Rant, Chapter Five, Part One

So, time to dive head-first back into this mess. Trump has pushed this country too far past the lines of decency. Decades of hard-fought, blood-soaked effort to construct American social contracts that allow for peace and progress have been disregarded by Republicans today.

Today, Peter Strzuk testified before committees of Congress, and Republicans from the House solidified their allegiance to a man, so obviously ignorant of foreign policy, and so narcissistic to such a dangerous degree that Americans should unite in their disgust and disagreement. Unfortunately, Americans should have united a long time ago against Donald Trump’s control of this country’s executive branch.

Trey Gowdy of South Carolina attempted to define “textbook bias” today. He stated, “We live in a fifty/fifty country, and we accept that….But, we’re a one-hundred percent country when it comes to law enforcement that doesn’t pre-judge innocence before investigations are over and doesn’t pre-judge punishment before investigations begin.”

I’m confused because if we lived in a fifty/fifty country, then the voice of those of us who count as Trump’s opponents would be heard by this Congress, instead of catering exclusively to those who watch the night-block of Fox News programming. I also confess confusion because I do not understand how Gowdy and the rest of the Republicans have determined how members of Congress are excluded from including themselves within the context of “law enforcement,” since they are clearly demonstrating bias when they defend Trump, pre-judge Peter Strzuk’s innocence, and call Strzuk a liar based on their need to discredit a legitimate investigation into Trump’s crimes against our country.

Trey Gowdy is an embarrassment. Bob Goodlatte of Virginia, Louie Gohmert of Texas, and Jim Jordan of Ohio are embarrassments. Every Republican that attacked and cajoled Peter Strzuk today in an American public hearing is an embarrassment to the identity of this fine country, the United States of America.

Our country’s electorate needs to pay attention to the direction of this Republican Party. It is in cahoots with Trump. I think it’s a mistake to assume that the conspiracy to elect Trump with the Russian government does not go beyond the Trump family. There are likely many current Republican members of Congress that colluded with Russia, since Trump is so good at convincing people that he knows better than everyone else. It is likely that this conspiracy goes deep into the political fiber of this country’s current Republican membership.

That is why Peter Strzuk was unnecessarily grilled today. Today’s Republican members are allegiant to Donald Trump, a man that will halt America’s progress and create an isolationist country where we cater to white-nationalist agenda. Republicans obfuscate in the same vein as the Nazi-party of 1930s Germany and McCarthyism of 1950s America.

Republicans who want to save their party should leave your allegiance temporarily to the way-side. It’s Trump’s party now. Let the Republican Party fail. Vote Democrat this year to stop the party as it is currently constructed. The Republican Party will rise again, after it has rejected the Trump/Fox News/Russian agenda that happened today in Peter Strzuk’s hearing, a spectacle of historic proportion.

Those who still count yourself as a Trump supporter need to reconsider your opinion.

America must rebuild because of Trump’s nearly-two years of national-power. Today’s Republicans enable Trump’s hubris, to the detriment of our great, but floundering country.

It’s time to disavow Trump, and that time was yesterday.

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.
The Maniacal Professor

The Faux King Will Soon Fail, But Will He Fall?

I let go of the speeding-hot-rope-in-my-hands that represents writing about the Trump Presidency day-by-day after Charlottesville, Virginia. If we were going to let the gilded jackass get away with supporting the white supremacists after a young girl was smashed to death by one of their ilk, then fuck it. I guess I figured there wasn’t anything I could write on this blog that was going to change people’s minds in this God-forsaken country called America.

There’s been many-a-day I’ve been wanting to grab the rope again. However, I have had incentive during the interim not to write because I’ve spent the year teaching in a new place in an entirely different manner with which I am familiar…and it has been time-consuming and rigorous. Also, it’s just not a good idea to stir up the kind of controversy about which I’m used to writing during the first year of a new job.

I really had to hold back when the gilded jackass called Haiti and Africa shit-hole countries. I mean, how many racist comments does this guy have to make before it becomes necessary to explain to the racist Trump voters that the jig is up?! I guess nobody told Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson how obviously racist their ideas are, and also how obviously their rhetoric betrays the values of the viewers of both of their shows…and how utterly wrong both of these assholes are to drape themselves with the American flag night-after-nauseating-night.

My preference is to grab the rope again in June when my teaching year is over, but I think after the events of this weekend that we’re all going to have to grab onto that speeding rope to slow Trump’s insanely-powerful pull of America towards the depths of global malaise and humanitarian crisis.

So please dear American reader of the Maniacal Professor’s blog, can we agree that it’s time to admit that Trump is a complete and utter failure and move to the next step, whatever it may be?

Please, pretty, pretty please, America, can we grab this speeding rope before Trump drags this country to the brink all by his gilded jackass self?

Scott C. Guffey, M.A.